Open Ponds

People are often afraid to include a pond in their landscape plans because of the maintenance. Open Ponds are going to be need more upkeep than a pondless feature, but if you are wanting the fish and wildlife, an open pond is the better option. If installed correctly, your pond will include all the essential elements of a pond ecosystem.

  • Adequate circulation system – proper size pump and pipe diameter assures efficient circulation and proper oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants
  • Filtration system – includes both a biological filter (for beneficial bacteria to colonize) and a mechanical filter (pre-filters the water and houses the pump)
  • Mechanical filter also prevents accumulation of organic materials on pond floor
  • Plants provide color and texture to the pond, and are also good for filtration
  • Rocks and gravel make the pond look natural, provide surface area for beneficial bacteria and break down excess nutrients in the waer