Kennels and Doggy Day Care

Pets Love Synthetic Turf

In addition to being found in many residential settings, pet turf is also used at doggie day care, veterinarian and other commercial dog facilities. Pet turf is found in large areas such as a backyard or smaller side yards and play areas. Synthetic turfs are also configured as mats for use in indoor and outdoor patios, poolside, aboard boats or in rooftop settings.

Pet turf is the perfect solution for many pet applications because all of the pet turfs that we manufacture are comprised of non-absorbent materials, so that odors and waste are not held within the turf. In addition to the nonabsorbent materials, every pet turf is perforated in order to ensure that any material that works its way into the turf will easily drain through and out of the product.

synthetic turf pet lawn

Maintaining a beautiful yard or a simple pet area has never been easier.

There is no need to mow, reseed, fertilize or use pesticides on any of these high quality pet products. Your area will only need to be kept clean of solid wastes and occasionally rinsed as needed. So make the smart decision and choose pet turf to make your life and your pet’s life that much better.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Pets

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • High flow drainage rates

  • Non-absorbent constructions and system

  • Lush fresh cut appearance

  • Easily cleaned

  • No need for chemicals, fertilizers, mowing, or insecticides

  • Loved by pets and owners alike

NameYarn TypePile Height
SoftLawn® Pro Cut3/4"Field/Olive
SoftLawn® Select2"Field/Olive
SoftLawn® Kentucky Blue1 3/4"Field/Olive; Field/Lime
SoftLawn® Premium1 3/4"Field/Olive; Field/Lime
SoftLawn® Garden Rye1 1/2"Field/Olive
SoftLawn® Emerald Rye1 1/2"Field
SoftLawn® Bluegrass Blend1 3/4"Field; Field/Olive
SoftLawn® Kennel Cut3/4"Field
SoftLawn® EZ Play1 1/4"Field
SoftLawn® EZ Play Colors1 1/4"White; Blue; Yellow; Red; Black
SoftLawn® Lite Rye1 1/4"Field/Lime
SoftLawn® Tall Fescue2 1/4"Field/Eastern
SoftLawn® Diamond Fescue1 3/4"Field/Eastern; Eastern
SoftLawn® Fine Fescue2"Field/Eastern
SoftLawn® Soft Play1 1/4"Eastern