Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

Outdoor athletic fields need to withstand a lot of use. Using a synthetic turf reduces both dependence on weather conditions and the time and cost of regular maintenance. STI can create and install a natural-looking field that will be easy and inexpensive to maintain. We also create turf for batting boxes, tuft-in-lines, and offer pre-made hitting mats with diamonds. You save money, time and effort, in return for a durable and safe field that will last for years.

Benefits of a Synthetic Turf Athletic Field

  • Increases available time of use

  • Improves performance and safety

  • Allows more time for practice

  • High performance quality

  • Helps create multipurpose facilities

  • Perfect for training

  • Always ready for use

  • Consistent performance over time and use

Recent Synthetic Turf Sports Field Projects